The Bachelors of Management Studies (B.M.S) at St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women is a three year undergraduate course affiliated to the Mumbai University. It is distributed across 6 semesters. The program aims to provide comprehensive management training, inculcate entrepreneurship among young women and mould mid-level managerial skills for the industry.

First Year ( F.Y.B.M.S )

Course code Course Name
UBMSFSI.1 Introduction to Financial Accounts
UBMSFSI.2 Business Law
UBMSFSI.3 Business Statistics
UBMSFSI.4 Business Communication-I
UBMSFSI.5 Foundation Course-I
UBMSFSI.6 Foundation of Human Skills
UBMSFSI.7 Business Economics-I
Course code Course Name
UBMSFSII.1 Principals of Marketing
UBMSFSII.2 Industrial Law
UBMSFSII.3 Business Mathematics
UBMSFSII.4 Business Communication-II
UBMSFSII.5 Foundation Course-II
UBMSFSII.6 Business Environment
UBMSFSII.7 Principles of Management

Second Year (S.Y.B. M.S)

Course code Course Name
UBMSFSIII.2 Information in Technology Management-I
UBMSFSIII.3.0.1 Foundation Course III (Environment Management)
UBMSFSIII.4 Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Management
UBMSFSIII.5 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
UBMSFSIII.6 Strategic Management
Group A: Finance Electives:
UBMSFSIII.1.0.3 Equity and Debt Market
UBMSFSIII.1.0.4 Corporate Finance
Group B: Marketing Electives:
UBMSFSIII.1.0.5 Consumer Behaviour
UBMSFSIII.1.0.7 Advertising
Course code Course Name
UBMSFSIV.2 Information in Technology Management-II
UBMSFSIV.3.0.1 Foundation Course IV (Ethics and Governance)
UBMSFSIV.4 Business Research Methods
UBMSFSIV.5 Business Economics-II
UBMSFSIV.6 Production and Total Quality Management
Group A: Finance Electives:
UBMSFSIII.1.0.2 Auditing
UBMSFSIII.1.0.4 Corporate Restructuring
Group B: Marketing Electives:
UBMSFSIV.1.0.5 Integrated Marketing Communication
UBMSFSIV.1.0.6 Rural Marketing

Third Year (T.Y.B.M.S)


Course code Course Name
46001 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
46002 Corporate Communication and Public Relations
ELECTIVES Group A: Finance Electives
46003 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
46009 Wealth Management
46012 Financial Accounting
46018 Direct Taxes
ELECTIVES Group B: Marketing Electives
46004 Services Marketing
46007 E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
86009 International Marketing
46010 Sales and Distribution Management
46013 Customer Relationship Management
Course code Course Name
86001 Operation Research
UBMSFSVI.5 Project Work
ELECTIVES Group A: Finance Electives
86002 International Finance
86008 Project Management
86011 Strategic Financial Management
86017 Indirect Taxes
ELECTIVES Group B: Marketing Electives
86003 Brand Management
86006 Retail Management
86009 International Marketing
86012 Media Planning and Management


  • All students are responsible to the Principal and to the Asst. Director for their conduct in College.
  • Lecture hours will be announced on the notice board at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Students should take particular care to be punctual. They are advised to attend all lectures regularly. Students are required to carry with them daily their identity cards.
  • Students applying for certificates, testimonials, etc. and those requiring the Principal's signature on any kind of document or application form should contact the Course Coordinator.
  • In case of withdrawal or failure to attend College, the refund, if any, of the fee already paid will be in accordance with the rules laid down by the University of Mumbai.
  • Parents and guardians are requested to keep themselves informed of their daughter's/ward's academic progress.


  • Odell Dias is a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 6 Years of experience in the marketing field. He specializes in Social Media, Paid Ads, Branding, and Content Marketing. He believes that the best way to learn is by practical implementation, and always focuses on a holistic approach to education