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Internship Mentoring Cell

Are you looking for an internship?
As our student, be sure to check with the Course Coordinator’s office routinely as they help with internship assistance.
Our students have started interning with popular mass communication and media firms from the first semester itself.
  • Nat Geo
  • Mirror-Now
  • Firstpost logo
  • Bloomberg Quint
  • NDTV Logo
  • Boom News

Counselling Cell

The Counsellor will be available every Tuesday and Friday between 1.30pm – 4.30pm to meet with our institute's students.

These counseling sessions will be conducted in a professional and confidential setting, with a qualified and competent counselor.

Students may avail of this Counselling Service, and use this opportunity to discuss their thoughts, concerns, regarding stress, education, family, behavioral, EQ and interpersonal relationship matters they encounter in every-day life, which they wish to understand better.

Students, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff may avail of these counseling services.

Sports Centre

This center is designed to encourage and support the women students sporting talent.

The aim is:

  • To prepare competent players
  • Focus on the importance of daily exercise and encourage participation in physical activities’/sports.
  • Inculcate general fitness and proper nutrition lessons for a healthy mind and body.