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June 27, 2020

SPICEFW’S First Ever “Virtual Traditional Day”

SPICEFW’S First Ever “Virtual Traditional Day”
By Caroline Sequeira SYBAMMC

The SPICEFW Performing Art Club members organized the traditional day for the year 2021. This traditional day was unlike any other traditional days SPICE has had before. This year the entire SPICE community celebrated the Traditional Day in a new-normal fashion!

The traditional day was organised on February 19, 2021, at 2:00 PM on the Zoom platform. We had over 50+ students joining this event, from the FYBAAMC to our Postgraduate students, fully clad in their beautiful traditional clothing. The event’s host was Caroline Sequeira from the SYBAMMC batch, with Anevay Mascarenhas being the technical in-charge.

The event commenced with the National Anthem, followed by an introduction to the event. Fr. Renold (Vice-principal) and Mrs. Joulyn Kenny (Course Coordinator) inaugurated the event with their unique insights on Traditions and how this event was a brilliant way to celebrate culture. The activities then began-the first was a fun game organized for our audience by Suhani Sharma from SYBAMMC. A talent competition having the following categories; Singing, Dancing, and Mono Acting was part of this celebration. The participants had to send their videos, and these pre-recorded videos were played during the event. After viewing all the videos, the audience decided the winners through public voting. While the votes were being counted, Disha Bhalekar from SYBAMMC conducted the final game for the event. Following this, the winners were declared.

Rita and the team from FYBAMMC bagged first place, with Disha Bhalekar from SYBAMMC secured second place, and Shivani Nair from TYBMM secured third place in the Dance category. For the Mono acting category, Anushri Satavlekar from SYBAMMC took first place, Riya Tiwari from TYBMM took second place, Abhilasha Sinha SYBAMMC, and Tanvi Kendrekar FYBAMMC took third place. For the Singing category, Melody Divecha from FYBAMMC and Steffi Varghese from TYBMM took the first prize, Nichelle Dias from SYBAMMC the second, and Aradhana Dixit from TYBMM the third. Anupama Ghosh from the FYBAMMC dressed in a Bengali traditional outfit won the ‘Best Dressed’ category.

The FY’s won the ‘Best Class’ category. Finally, a vote of thanks by Abhilasha Sinha from the SYBAMMC. The event concluded by our Course Coordinator, Mrs Joulyn Kenny thanking the SPICEFW Performing Arts Club members for the event and congratulated them on the success.