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February 12, 2020
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June 27, 2020

“Think Out of the Box”

“Think Out of the Box” – Introduction to Advertising

 “All power is within you, you can do anything and everything” is a beautiful line spoken by an Indian monk, Shri Swami Vivekananda, truly manifested itself in this workshop on January 25th 2020.

The first month of the new decade could not have started any better than this for us at St. Paul Institute of Communication Education for Women. Our faculty Dylan Dsouza invited Ms.Paricher Tavaria, Creative Director of Salt Brand Solutions and former Head of Programming in Radio Mirchi to conduct an interactive workshop “Think Out of the Box” for us and everyone who attended it will definitely agree that the workshop itself was out of the box!

Our workshop began at 10:30 am with an energetic karaoke session, many students sang and others cheered them, then moving on to discussions about the music industry and how it works. After a few melodic performances Ms. Paricher distributed a sheet of paper to everyone and asked them to describe themselves in one word. All the students came up with an interesting word to describe themselves, some of them even blended two or more words into one. Each one had to read out their word and explain why they felt this could best describe them. Here, students realised they were a lot more than those ‘words’ and felt that no word ever could possibly describe them.

Moving on, Ms. Paricher spoke about how important it is to think and act out of the box, to be recognized among hundreds of thousands. She said “I asked you to think out of the box, but what if there is no box?” her words made the student realise how big the world is that no box can take in all of its beauty. She then divided them into groups of eight and asked them to make an energetic tic-toc video within 15 minutes. They all uploaded and presented their videos, which Ms. Paricher said were impressive. The groups came with interesting creative ideas and the courage to stand and act in front of a camera. After discussing and appreciating students video work, she gave every group a product to sell and asked them to advertise it. Here again, all students came up with out of the box advertising ideas – some described product benefits, a few others performed a short skit advertising- for their respective products. They all submitted unique brand names and tag lines for their product.

As the workshop drew to a close, Ms. Paricher distributed chocolates as a token of her appreciation. We thanked her for helping us discover the creative out of the box side within us. She answered our queries and left us with a thought to as to get out of our comfort zones. The program ended on a happy note for all the students who learnt something new during this session with Ms. Paricher

Contributor: Somya Saakshi Kumar (FYBAMMC)