The B.A in Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC) syllabus formerly known as Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is divided into 6 semesters consisting of mass media subjects spanning from Journalism and Advertising to Public Relations and Event Management. During the three-year mass media degree course, students will follow a rigorous semester system, of in-class learning coupled and practical assignments.

First Year ( F.Y.B.A.M.M.C )

Course code Course Name
BAMMEC-101 Effective communication –I
BAMMEC-102 Foundation course –I
BAMMVC-103 Visual communication
BAMMFMC-104 Fundamentals of mass communication
BAMMCA-105 Current Affairs
BAMMHM-106 History of Media
Course code Course Name
BAMMEC-201 Effective communication –II
BAMMFC-202 Foundation course –II
BAMMCW-203 Content Writing
BAMMID-204 Introduction to Advertising
BAMMIJ-205 Introduction to Journalism
BAMMMGC-206 Media, Gender & Culture

Second Year (S.Y.B. A.M.M.C)

Course code Course Name
BAMMC EM-3011 Electronic Media-I
BAMMC TMC-3012 Theatre and Mass Communication-I
BAMMC RPP-3013 Radio Program Production-I
BAMMC MGV-3014 Motion Graphics and Visual Effects –I
BAMMC CCPR-302 Corporate Communication and Public Relations
BAMMC MS-303 Media Studies
BAMMC IP-304 Introduction to Photography
BAMMC FCO-305 Film Communication-I
BAMMC CMM-306 Computers and Multimedia-I
Course code Course Name
BAMMC TMC-4012 Theatre and Mass Communication-II
BAMMC RPP-4013 Radio Program Production-II
BAMMC MGV-4014 Motion Graphics and Visual Effects-II
BAMMC WEM-402 Writing and Editing for Media
BAMMC MLE-403 Media Laws and Ethics
BAMMC FCO-405 Film Communication II
BAMMC CMM-406 Computer Multimedia II

Third Year (T.Y.B.A.M.M.C)


Course code Course Name
BAMMC DRGA-501 Copy Writing
BAMMC DRGA-502 Advertising & Marketing Research
ELECTIVES Dse 1 A (Discipline Specific Electives)( Any Four Courses)
BAMMC EAGI 1501 Globalization & International Advertising
BAMMC EABB 1502 Brand Building
BAMMC EAAM 1503 Agency Management
BAMMC EAAP 1504 Account Planning & Advertising
BAMMC EASM 1505 Social Media Marketing
BAMMC EADM 1506 Direct Marketing & E-Commerce
BAMMC EACB 1507 Consumer Behaviour
BAMMC EADF 1508 Documentary & Ad Film Making
Course code Course Name
BAMMC DRGA-601 Digital Media
BAMMC DRGA-602 Advertising Design
ELECTIVES Dse 1 A (Discipline Specific Electives-)(Any Four Courses)
BAMMC EAAC 2601 Advertising In Contemporary Society
BAMMC EABM 2602 Brand Management
BAMMC EAMP 2603 Media Planning & Buying
BAMMC EAAS 2604 Advertising & Sales Promotion
BAMMC EARM 2605 Rural Marketing & Advertising
BAMMC EARE 2606 Retailing & Merchandising
BAMMC EAEM 2607 Entertainment & Media Marketing
BAMMC EATP 2608 Television Program Production


Course code Course Name
BAMMC DRG-501   Reporting
BAMMC DRG-502 Investigative Journalism
ELECTIVES DSE 1 B (Discipline Specific Electives) (Any Four Courses)
BAMMC EJFW 1B501 Features and Writing For Social Justice
BAMMC EJWS 1B502 Writing and Editing Skills
BAMMC EJGM 1B503 Global Media and Conflict Resolution
BAMMC EJBF 1B504 Business and Financial Journalism
BAMMC EJMJ 1B505 Mobile Journalism and New Media
BAMMC EJNM 1B506 News Media Management
BAMMC EJJP 1B507 Journalism and Public Opinion
BAMMC EJML 1B508 Media Laws and Ethics
Course code Course Name
BAMMC DRG-601 Digital Media
BAMMC DRG-602 Newspaper And Magazine Design (Project)
ELECTIVES Dse 2 B (Discipline Specific Electives) (Any Four Courses)
BAMMC EJCI 2B601 Contemporary Issues
BAMMC EJLJ2B602 Lifestyle Journalism
BAMMC EJPT2B603 Photo And Travel Journalism
BAMMC EJMJ 2B6504 Magazine Journalism
BAMMC EJSJ 2B605 Sports Journalism
BAMMC EJCR 2B606 Crime Reporting
BAMMC EJFNF 2B607 Fake News And Fact Checking
BAMMC EJTJ 2B608 Television Journalism


Courses taught each semester are subject to change in the event of a change in the structure of the programme as instructed by the University of Mumbai.
(IMP: B.A.M.M. C was previously known as the Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M) degree programme)


  • All students are responsible to the Principal and to the Asst. Director for their conduct in College.
  • Lecture hours will be announced on the notice board at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Students should take particular care to be punctual. They are advised to attend all lectures regularly. Students are required to carry with them daily their identity cards.
  • Students applying for certificates, testimonials, etc. and those requiring the Principal's signature on any kind of document or application form should contact the Course Coordinator.
  • In case of withdrawal or failure to attend College, the refund, if any, of the fee already paid will be in accordance with the rules laid down by the University of Mumbai.
  • Parents and guardians are requested to keep themselves informed of their daughter's/ward's academic progress.