Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Alberione Hall

Alberione Hall, has a seating capacity for about 220 people. This aesthetically designed auditorium enables attendees to work comfortably, notwithstanding external weather conditions. Alberione Hall plays host to internal student events, guest lectures and seminars.
The hall, located in St Pauls Media complex, is conveniently located in Bandra West, Mumbai’s most vibrant suburb.

Video Conferencing Facility

A professor in London, Dubai or Delhi? No problem, line up the time zone and we are ready to go. The video conferencing classroom is used by our students to connect with their faculty and mentors who assist them with their courses and projects, when they are travelling across cities or continents.
In case you are planning an official conference or presentation, or even a team meeting with non- Mumbai team members, consider using the video conference services available at our institute.
Similarly, if you need to conduct a workshop, or organize a guest lecture, or organize a screening, we will be able to offer you clean, spacious air-conditioned classrooms with a projector and screen to help you out. And the best part, the institute is conveniently located in Bandra West!

One Camera Broadcast Studio

With its properly-equipped Production Control Room, this studio gives students a feel of the modern news room. Complete with Chroma Key to make visual effects and post production more exciting.
This studio has a Panasonic 4K Professional Camcorder- this sophisticated cinematography camcorder enhances our broadcast journalism sessions.
The One Camera Broadcast Studio is used by our students for their film and communication projects.


The SPICE Library is the heart of the institution of SPICE. The library aims to fulfill the information needs of St Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE). The air-conditioned library is located in the basement of the institutional building. The Library resources of the institute include a good collection of the latest books, journals, and periodicals. It subscribes to online journals, magazines and periodicals. With a collection of more than 1000 books, including various subjects like Journalism, Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Management etc. SPICE library can fulfil the learning requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Library facilitates various services like Circulation Service (for Books, Periodicals and CD’s), New Arrivals, and Reference Service etc. The Library collection is completely computerized and all bibliographic details of books. The library has its own OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) where students can browse library collections online.

Sit & Chat Corner

A hangout space for our students, on the campus as you come into the gate. Umbrella, fans in summer, a great outdoors feeling.

Multimedia Lab For Graphics And Animation

This 60-seater section is a hub of exciting student work in video and film editing, graphic design and 2d & 3D animation.
Our multimedia labs are an integral part of all the programmes conducted at the institute.

Podcast Station

Our Podcast Station was inaugurated on 28th November 2019, making it possibly the first media school in the country and certainly in Mumbai, to have such a facility.
Given the immense potential of audio and its role in media, the podcast station will enable students to master yet another arm of the media ecosystem such as media management, mass communication and much more.
With this podcast station in place, all students from our flagship courses are armed with an awareness of industry practices, in keeping with the institute’s promise to work with professionals at every level in delivering practical training as well as technical know-how, while developing content that matches industry needs and standards.
Fr Anil C Paul, SVD, will be teaching and anchoring the podcast module for our students.

Locker Facility

Locker facilities are provided by the Institute for our students, on a first-come-first served basis.

Professional Sound Recording Studio

Psalm33 is a very popular audio studio in Mumbai.
A state-of-the art facility, our students use the facility, after a grounding in Pro Tools, taught in our labs by a qualified expert in the field.
The studio execs are active in the field of music production and dubbing works for over many years and have worked with a huge number of artists and record labels, producers and managers. The studio is large enough and purpose-built to accommodate dubbing, string sessions, and music production projects.